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As a Director of Photography (DP) Camera Operator and Video Editor since 2008, I have gained extensive experience in filming and editing a wide range of subjects for both television and corporate branded market campaigns. My work has taken me to various locations around the world, providing me with the opportunity to capture stunning footage from different cultures and environments.

My passion for sports and documentary production has led me to specialise in these areas since 2016. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world, providing me with the chance to also capture extraordinary stories and subjects centred around the environment and nature.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients from various sectors, including news, television documentary, sports, and corporate entities. I have created a section on my website to showcase these clients, highlighting the breadth and depth of my experience.

I take pride in my work and am committed to delivering high-quality footage and editing that meets my clients' needs. Whether it's a corporate marketing campaign, sporting event or highly sensitive documentary, I am dedicated to providing a unique perspective and producing compelling content that stands out.

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Simon filming with wildlife TV presenter Michaela Strachan

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