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Flying Over Icebergs - The Cameraman’s View

Gerlache Straight, a Channel in the Antarctic Peninsula

Cameraman Simon Vacher takes us through filming an iceberg sequence through the Gerlache Straight, a Channel in the Antarctic which forms part of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The sequence reveals the challenge of filming the reveal and grandeur of icebergs which regularly break off the vast ice shelves that form Antarctica, and float North East with the prevailing Antarctic currents. It’s not an easy job! Simon dangled from a harness, and was smashed into ice floes and had a brush encounter with a Leopard Seal. Camerawork, editing, graphics and grading by Simon Vacher.

This is a short film produced for Britain's Treasure Islands, a television series which appeared on multiple broadcast channels in 2012-2016 and was also accomplished by a book.

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