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Dorset Coastal Stories - The Fisherman Chef with Ashley Stones

This is an inspirational story of how one commercial fisherman affected, like so many, by quotas has found a way to make it work. For several years Ashley lived the dream. He tells us 'I spent all my weekends and school holidays fishing - I absolutely loved it I couldn't get enough of it. After college I went into catering but it was the fishing I wanted to do. I decided to jack in my proper job and turn my hobby into a career.'

He's passionate that rod and line fishing is sustainable and describes how quotas rocked his friends and colleagues in the Weymouth bass fleet. He has managed to keep fishing, catching less fish (under quota) but using his entrepreneurial and cheffing skills to add value to the fish he catches.

This is one of four films in our series for Dorset Coastal Forum, a series of organisations working together to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of the Dorset coast and the surrounding seas.


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