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truly | I Beat My Binge Eating And Lost 80lbs | BRAND NEW ME

BETH, 25, had a problematic relationship with food from childhood. As a kid she would hide food at home - and soon began gaining weight, much to the confusion of her parents. As she started earning her own money, she was able to afford more junk food and spiralled into Binge Eating Disorder and body dysmorphia - often gorging on 2,000-calorie snacks of chocolate, crisps and sausage rolls. Beth’s turning point came when she was struggling to fit into wedding dresses - and so committed to changing her life to get into her dream dress and improve her mental health. By learning about calories, she was able to change her eating habits and lost 80lbs - posting her weight loss journey online. Her pages blew up and she now shares her tips with her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Videographer: Simon Vacher

Producers: Tom Midlane, Yasmin Walker

Editor: Omar Gobere

Produced as part of the YouTube channel 'truly', which has over 10 million subscribers.


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