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Love Don't Judge | My Groom Came Out As Trans On Our Honeymoon | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

A MARRIED COUPLE are tying the knot again as wife and wife - after the groom came out as transgender during their honeymoon. Rayna, 33, and Jae, 30, first met on MySpace back in 2010, when they lived in the UK and USA respectively. At the time, Rayna, who was born male, was still living as a man and using her birth name, Jake. After around seven months of speaking daily, Rayna flew to the States to meet Jae. The couple went on to get married in an intimate ceremony in 2018. But unbeknownst to her new wife, Rayna was secretly battling with feeling as if she had been born in the wrong body. As Rayna grew older, she met people in the LGBTQ community - which led to the realisation that she was transgender. But it was not until two months after their wedding that Rayna revealed her true identity to her wife, whilst the pair were on their honeymoon at Centre Parcs. Since then, Rayna has spent £45,000 on her transition. She and Jae have faced judgment for their relationship, particularly since going public about their story online. But they have vowed to continue trying to educate others, and cannot wait to walk down the aisle together for a second time.

Videographer: Simon Vacher

Producers: Erin Cardiff & Ruby Coote

Editor: Shane Fennelly

Produced as part of the YouTube channel 'truly', which has over 10 million subscribers.


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