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Overview of Britain’s Treasure Islands TV documentary series

The Britain’s Treasure Islands documentary series explores the wildlife, cultures, history and heritage of all of the UK Overseas Territories.

The Territories are a secret side of the UK that few know exist. Scattered across all seven seas, they comprise an area seven times the size of the UK and have twenty times the biodiversity, including over 1,000 unique species that are found nowhere else on earth. Join naturalist Stewart McPherson on a 70,000 km journey to the Caribbean, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific and Mediterranean, to discover the furthest flung outposts of Britain.

Please note: although complementary to the BBC FOUR series, the 40 short mini-documentaries are not commissioned or editorially overseen by BBC.

The three-part Britain’s Treasure Islands documentary series was broadcast on BBC FOUR on Tue 12 Apr 2016 21:00. (repeated Wed 13 Apr 2016 20:00).

This is a short film produced for Britain's Treasure Islands, a television series which appeared on multiple broadcast channels in 2012-2016 and was also accomplished by a book.

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