South Georgia – wildlife and heritage

This mini-documentary explores the wildlife of South Georgia, a UK Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic. It is a rugged, rocky isle, but home to some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth. Colonies of over half a million king penguins congregate on its shores, along with millions of fur seals, elephant seals, albatrosses and petrels. The island harbours such concentrations of wildlife because, unlike Antarctic, South Georgia is not surrounded by ice during winter. An ambitious rodent eradication project has been undertaken, and it is hoped that South Georgia may harbour even greater numbers of animals in the future.

Britain’s Treasure Islands mini-documentaries

A series of short documentaries designed for on-line release exploring the wildlife, cultures and history of the UK Overseas Territories.

This film is one of forty mini-documentaries made from the footage not used in the broadcast series.

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