Natural History Showreel - Southern Ocean

Demonstrating a variety of shot angles and recording methods to shoot Natural History subjects on a two-month voyage to Ascension, The Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Producing content for a documentary about the UK Overseas Territories.

Camera angles include a standard tripod pan/tilt, Libec crane with counterbalance system, boat crane in conjunction with Bosuns chair. Technical settings include acquisition in 50mbps 4:2:2 full-HD, time-lapse and 50fps half-HD (1280 x 720) slow-motion photography.

Soundtrack is a mix of wild tracks and wildlife sound recorded on location with a gun microphone. The whistling wind and wave sounds are from

Editing was using Premiere Pro, and music supplied by the wonderful

Take a tour through the pack ice and abundance of wildlife in Antarctic waters in my Cold Climates show-reel. Material shot forms part of a new four part series Britain’s Treasure Islands. Camerwork, editing, graphics and grading by Simon Vacher Films.