Falkland Islands – wildlife and heritage

This mini-documentary explores the wildlife, history and cultures of the Falkland Islands. This UK Overseas Territory is a treasure trove of natural history, with commerson dolphin, enormous elephant seals, penguins and some of the largest albatross colonies on Earth. We follow Charles Darwin’s footsteps across the Falklands (for he spent twice as long here as he did in the Galapagos), we find striated caracaras – the most southerly bird of prey. These extraordinary raptors stole items from Charles Darwin and mugged presenter Stewart McPherson whilst filming! While many of the islands of the Falklands archipelago have been impacted by mankind, we visit an island with intact tussock vegetation which enables perhaps the greatest natural wonder of the Falklands; thousands of sooty shearwaters, which return back to their nests en-mass each evening.

Britain’s Treasure Islands mini-documentaries

A series of short documentaries designed for on-line release exploring the wildlife, cultures and history of the UK Overseas Territories.

This film is one of forty mini-documentaries made from the footage not used in the broadcast series.

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