British Indian Ocean Territory – wildlife and heritage

This mini-documentary explore the wildlife of the British Indian Ocean Territory – seven huge coral atolls that include about 60 islands across a vast sector of the Indian Ocean. This UK Overseas Territory is home to unsurveyed waters, an unnamed island and the most pristine coral reefs on Earth. The underwater world of the British Indian Ocean Territory is like peering back through time to see a glimpse of the world before the impact of mankind. About one quarter of all of the reef fishes of the world live here. Unlike so many other parts of the globe, the reefs of the Territory are largely intact and represent the healthiest on earth. On land enormous colonies of sea birds abound; red footed boobies, brown boobies, sooty terns and many others. And in the forests that cover the island, there lives the coconut crab – the biggest terrestrial invertebrate alive today.

Britain’s Treasure Islands mini-documentaries

A series of short documentaries designed for on-line release exploring the wildlife, cultures and history of the UK Overseas Territories.

This film is one of forty mini-documentaries made from the footage not used in the broadcast series.

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