British Antarctic Territory – wildlife and heritage

This mini-documentary explores the wildlife of the British Antarctic Territory – a wedge of Antarctica that includes the Antarctic Peninsula. This UK Overseas Territory is home to spectacular landscapes of ice; glaciers, ice bergs and ice sheets. This icy world is a home for leopard seals, many species of whales, penguins and petrels. On land, the flora of the white continent is sparse, and consists mainly of mosses, lichens and a few small flowering plants, but the few rocky outcrops of the Antarctic Peninsula were selected as sites for research bases of several nations. We visit Port Lockroy, a British base established during WWII. We find patriotic penguins trumpeting under the Union Flag, and the Royal Mail’s most southerly outlet. Nearby, we find beaches littered with giant whale bones – the legacy of a century of whaling. North of the Antarctic Peninsula, we visit volcanic Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands. This active volcano is covered with a mix of ash and now, and we find a strange mix of penguins and geothermal hot sands. But how will this unique icy wilderness survive in the warmer world of tomorrow?

Britain’s Treasure Islands mini-documentaries

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