Akrotiri and Dhekelia – wildlife and heritage

This mini-documentary explores the wildlife and history of the Sovereign Base Areas – two British enclaves called Akrotiri and Dhekelia on the island of Cyprus that make up a UK Overseas Territory. The wildlife of this Territory is diverse, and includes chameleons, flamingos, pine trees and nesting sea turtles. But it is not just wildlife that is preserved in the Sovereign Base Areas: both enclaves are home to dozens of ancient sites, including amphitheaters, temples, mosaics, settlement ruins and graves.

Britain’s Treasure Islands mini-documentaries

A series of short documentaries designed for on-line release exploring the wildlife, cultures and history of the UK Overseas Territories.

This film is one of forty mini-documentaries made from the footage not used in the broadcast series.

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Please note: although complementary to the BBC FOUR series, the 40 short mini-documentaries are not commissioned or editorially overseen by BBC.

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