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Interview with Miller Tripods – Raw Talent Meets the South Atlantic

Simon Vacher, a young, keen, talented cinematographer and widelife/documentary cameraman, spent 25 weeks over three years on five separate trips filming on Ascension Island and St. Helena, the UK Caribbean Territories, Pitcairn & Henderson Island, Falklands, Antarctica, South Georgia and the Chagos Archipelago for a television documentary about the UK Overseas Territories, ‘Britain’s Treasure Islands’…

Sony’s new PXW FS7 arrival!

Simon Vacher Film has just pre-ordered one in the first batch of the long awaited Sony PXW-FS7, a Super35 large-single-sensor camera capable of recording up to 4K video with slow-motion capabilities up to 150fps in Full-HD, for shoulder-mounted applications like documentary shooting, news, wildlife and direct cinema. It will be a revolutionary asset to the…

Publication for InBroadcast digital magazine about the challenges of filming in hostile environments.

Simon talks about the Compass15 Solo 3-Stage Miller tripod and the challenges faced filming in Antarctica & the sweltering volcanic beaches of Ascension Island for InBroadcast Digital Magazine [pageview url=”!” height=”800px” scrolling=”yes”]

nanoFlash and Sony EX3 setup for the trip. Chief operator wildlife cameraman Simon Vacher at the controls.

nanoFlash and EX1

Here’s a photo of the EX and the nanoFlash set up on the hotshot of the EX1. The same kind of workflow that Frozen Planet and Top Gear have been using. A good setup, though a bit cumbersome for those nippy hand held shots, especially with the battery Velcro’ed to the side. We will see.…